2AM Record Label is proud to announce the release of Wake ‘n’ Bake, it’s a track created with hectic, stressed out Londoners in mind. It’s the kind of song you can turn up the volume, plug in your headphones and forget all about the office.

“For the entire length of the process Miro and I worked closely as partners on this record. He’s an inspiring musician and brought some great and innovative thinking to our process. The highlight for me was that we had complete freedom from the label, we didn’t have to go out and force a sound that was super commercial.” Jacob Crichlow

Wake ‘n’ Bake is the first solo single of London’s young talent Jacob Crichlow. The track is available exclusively on juno download here and will appear on all major digital stores on 12th of December 2013. Produced by Miro Gee, the sound is influenced by “Chords & Rhymes” EP, released back in April 2013 as an introduction to their collaboration. Miro Gee & Jacob Crichlow are currently working on their forthcoming album “Earth”, which includes brand new songs to be released in early 2014.

gif animation by Peter Valkanoff

gif animation by Peter Valkanoff


The Bulgarian sensation Nelly Petkova is well-known with her appearance at Slavi’s Show. The news about her leaving the show came out together with the single “Lucky One”, which is produced by Miro Gee. She is now about to climb all the Bulgarian charts with “Lucky One” and we hope in her international success!

Music video of NELLY PETKOVA featuring MIRO GEE, performing “LUCKY ONE”;
Written by Miro Gee / Jenny Djambazova; Produced by Miro Gee;
Recorded and mixed by Miro Gee (BULGARIA); Mastered by Don Grossinger (USA)
(p) 2010 2AM (Musicautor)
© 2011 2AM

Video directed and edited by Tanya Kazakova; Screenplay by Tanya Kazakova; Director of photography: Vladimir Mihaylov; Assistant director: Georgi Zdravkov; Photographer: Simon Varsano; Styling: Margarita Anastasova, Knapp, Georgi Petkov, Blagovesta Markova, Gergana Maystorova


The new video of “My Girlfriend” by DEE & MIRO GEE is out!
Enjoy these wonderful screenshots featuring Saten dancers.
The song is available for free download. Just enter your e-mail and in a seconds you will get the download link!

Shots by Alexander Mollov. Scroll down to watch the whole video.

And now enjoy the full video:

Music video by D-Flow a.k.a. DEE & MIRO GEE performing “My Girlfriend”, featuring SATEN dancers
Written by MIRO GEE / DEE; produced by MIRO GEE;
Video producers: MOLLOV PICTURES/2AM; Associated producer YULIANA MANOLOVA, for ALFIANI;
Video concept, shot, directed and edited by ALEXANDER MOLLOV;

Thanks to Alexander Mollov, Galia, Snejana, Simona (Saten), Angela Angelova, Azer, Andrey Kozarev – Smokey, Peter Rujgev, Alexander Krastev, Victoria SPA


“I work with the attitude – if I win, the others win as well!

While I paint I focus on my inner world and listen to the inner voice by taking power, intuition, rhythm, intelligence and inspiration from my soul. Doing that I project my inner light on the canvas. The light should go into and then out oft he canvas. As I feel the colors like different frequences they cover areas, which are behind the real world we see.

Sometimes they are jumping phantasies, hot adventures or passionate erotic, a story from the future, a balance, a healthy excitement, a devocion or just the feeling that life is joyful. Or lets say, everything around us is full of vitality.

I just tap the inside skills and they give me power, confidence and warmness. It’s the enegry of my spirit. And the tallent pushes up my power and make me wise and productive. And the brush or the knife move almost automatically.”

Kristina Sretkova

Song: Winter; Artist: Slow Dynamics; Label: 2AM


Enjoy the latest banger by French DJ/producer Yohanne Simon featuring Nyree (a.k.a. Ruth Koleva). Yohanne is already known with his incredible talent for club music. Some of his projects are Starlighters, Jam Deluxe and Facha Digital. “Scream My Name” is another French – Bulgarian connection that gives incredible result! The tune is written in a collaboration between Yohanne Simon and Miro Gechev and recorded in 2AM.

Nyree is recognized by the Bulgarian audience as Ruth Koleva. She became widely popular with her appearance as contestant on Music Idol, season 2. Ruth is now signed to Bulgarian label Vitality Music, whose are producers of the music video made shot in Sofia too.

Logo design: Star Tattooed by Petya Savova

After several years of evolution the Bulgarian project STAR TATTOOED synchronized their music to visual. The main idea was to create a logo for the group assembling their work into a Trademark. Consequently they called one of the most creative graphic designer and illustrator Petya Savova to compose it. Getting her dynamic quick start  into the designer career in “ fashion design  high school (with the debut and show awards at the Edit Paff Haute Couture Festival), master degrees in animation and in graphic design, and post-graduate graphic design studies in Oslo. A young mind, Petya sees her life as brainstorming and her style is suitably impulsive and patchy and teeming with experiment. She draws subliminally, to let out feelings. In such a manner she works quickly and copiously, rarely for more than a couple of nights on a single image. Believer as nature, professional and evolving, she implement her imagination into much more than a success!


With so many releases around the Globe we yet wonder if we have some fans in China. Thus what we found for appropriate was to accomplish a profile of ours 2AM on Youku.com – China.

So if you are from China or you just know how to read it – go ahead! Friend request us!

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Dipl. Media-Designer Kristina Sretkova is Born in Stockholm/Sweden 1984. In 2008 she graduates Master of Media-Design at Private University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Rheinische Fachhochschule, Germany. She is doing abstract paintings, whose are remarked with a strong confrontation of colors in the seeking of large formats, new color combinations, vibrations and contrasts. Her paintings are full of power and strength not only in terms of color,  cause sometimes deposited eighter with wide brush or with putty-knife, but also in terms of intensity, which gives obvious effects.

Kristina paints sliding lights, deep waters, blazing fires, the powerful elements and strenghts of nature. Multiple lights lying to each other, alternated with sensual moments and strong contradictions, expressed through colors and shapes. She is spontaneus, intuitive and full of creativity, thus her works are exciting and passionate. Everything is full of strong emotions, coming right from the heart and expresses artists freedom and aspiration after harmony with herself and the world.

“Battle For Color” is her second Solo exhibition that first took part at Fred Fargo Gallery – Berlin/Germany 17.09. – 02.10.2010. She chooses our song to accompany the online premiere of her new line. The song “Sea” is a part of a compilation called “Slow Dynamics” by 2AM. The compilation features selection of 8 lounge tracks and it will be published early 2011.


TVC for Generation Globul
Client: Globul
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Producer: Tania Kazakova – Kazak
Director: Angel Apostolski
DP: Georgi Andreev
Post: Black Stamp
Sound: 2AM


Star Tattooed feat. Alexandra \”BABY\”‘Baby ‘ is our third single to be released from label of Universal Music Group France. Alexandra Raeva was invited by us to perform the vocals. previously known as a background singer in the most famous night show in Bulgaria “Slavi’s show”. She is also noted to be a fashion designer/owner of commercial clothing brand named “Aggata” and also as a face of series of commercial videos for Pantenne. The song “Baby” was recorded in 2AM’s studio in Sofia, and written by the highly-successful duo Miro Gechev and Dari Oreshkova, famous with their creative experimentation. The club remix producer Yohanne Simon is well known with his incredible work for the projects Starlighters, Facha Digital and Jam Deluxe. Single is now available on iTunes, so don’t hesitate to get it! Baby - EP - Star Tattooed Star Tattooed feat. Alexandra – Baby (Main) by 2AM