2AM Record Label is proud to announce the release of Wake ‘n’ Bake, it’s a track created with hectic, stressed out Londoners in mind. It’s the kind of song you can turn up the volume, plug in your headphones and forget all about the office.

“For the entire length of the process Miro and I worked closely as partners on this record. He’s an inspiring musician and brought some great and innovative thinking to our process. The highlight for me was that we had complete freedom from the label, we didn’t have to go out and force a sound that was super commercial.” Jacob Crichlow

Wake ‘n’ Bake is the first solo single of London’s young talent Jacob Crichlow. The track is available exclusively on juno download here and will appear on all major digital stores on 12th of December 2013. Produced by Miro Gee, the sound is influenced by “Chords & Rhymes” EP, released back in April 2013 as an introduction to their collaboration. Miro Gee & Jacob Crichlow are currently working on their forthcoming album “Earth”, which includes brand new songs to be released in early 2014.

gif animation by Peter Valkanoff

gif animation by Peter Valkanoff


Very soon expect the single “Crown On My Head”  by Miro Gee, Jacob Crichlow & Tee!

Photos by Ivan Dokov.



Miro Gee brings European sophistication to this British Bulgarian collaboration. His urbanistic, musical take on electronic music meets  British born Jacob Crichlolw’s, soulful new voice in this EP, which was written and recorded in London, UK this spring. The 4 track EP is jazzy and smooth hip-hop with electronic features.

The defining track of this modern jazz fusion EP is “SEE YOU” – recorded on voice and piano as an improvisation in real time. Using a modern technique of modulating Jacob’s vocal via the midi output of Miro’s live keyboard performance, has created a unique lead voice for this track.

Miro Gee is the owner/founder of indie label 2AM, he’s also an internationally renowned producer, writer and singer and has sold more half a million physical copies worldwide including hits charted all across Europe.

This is Jacob Crichlow’s first album release, he’s a singer/songwriter and rapper from Sydenham, South London and has been writing and performing his work in London since 2010.

“CHORDS & RHYMES” EP – All songs written by Miro Gee & Jacob Crichlow, Prod. by Miro Gee; (c) + (p) 2013 2AM; All rights reserved.


Music video of Nelly Petkova performing “Take The Night”
prod. by Miro Gee; written by Miro Gee / Nelly Petkova / Curtis Richa / Angelique Cinelu; (c) 2012 2AM (p) 2012 2AM ltd. (Musicautor)/ Metronumm Musikk (BMI)/ Talpa Music B.V. (Buma/Stemra)/ Joanie’s Girl (BMI)

Directed by Alexander Mollov
Director of photography: Vladimir Mihaylov
Edited by: Vassil Stefanov, Alexander Mollov, Rossen Dukov
Choreo: Pachoville;
Video producers: Miro Gee / Nelly Petkova


MIRO GEE feat. NATE KODI – Non – Stop (Love) Remix


prod. by Miro Gee; written by Miro Gee / Nelly Petkova / Curtis Richa / Angelique Cinelu; (c) 2012 2AM (p) 2012 2AM ltd. (Musicautor)/ Metronumm Musikk (BMI)/ Talpa Music B.V. (Buma/Stemra)/ Joanie’s Girl (BMI)


“White” by DEE & MIRO GEE is out! Check out some exclusive making images only on my2am.com!

Music video of DEE & MIRO GEE performing “WHITE”
written by Miro Gee / Dee; produced by Miro Gee
recorded and mixed in 2AM, Sofia; mastered by Don Grossinger, New York;
(c) + (p) 2011 2AM;

Video concept, shot and directed by Milen Radev in Studio 414, Sofia. Designs by Gloria Petkova. Video producers Miro Gee for 2AM, Milen Radev for 414; Special thanks to 414, Milen Radev, Gloria Petkova, Ivaylo Mladenov, Gergana Arolska, Carrie & Jessie, Jull Manolova, Angela Angelova, The Voice, Diana Todorova, Azer Melikov, Andrey Kozarev – Smokey!


A great interview by Nelly Koleva with Miro Gee was printed in GO GUIDE MAGAZINE. We are preparing a long version which will be published online in order to not to waste paper. The pictures are so incredible thanks to Alexander Mollov!


The Bulgarian sensation Nelly Petkova is well-known with her appearance at Slavi’s Show. The news about her leaving the show came out together with the single “Lucky One”, which is produced by Miro Gee. She is now about to climb all the Bulgarian charts with “Lucky One” and we hope in her international success!

Music video of NELLY PETKOVA featuring MIRO GEE, performing “LUCKY ONE”;
Written by Miro Gee / Jenny Djambazova; Produced by Miro Gee;
Recorded and mixed by Miro Gee (BULGARIA); Mastered by Don Grossinger (USA)
(p) 2010 2AM (Musicautor)
© 2011 2AM

Video directed and edited by Tanya Kazakova; Screenplay by Tanya Kazakova; Director of photography: Vladimir Mihaylov; Assistant director: Georgi Zdravkov; Photographer: Simon Varsano; Styling: Margarita Anastasova, Knapp, Georgi Petkov, Blagovesta Markova, Gergana Maystorova


The new video of “My Girlfriend” by DEE & MIRO GEE is out!
Enjoy these wonderful screenshots featuring Saten dancers.
The song is available for free download. Just enter your e-mail and in a seconds you will get the download link!

Shots by Alexander Mollov. Scroll down to watch the whole video.

And now enjoy the full video:

Music video by D-Flow a.k.a. DEE & MIRO GEE performing “My Girlfriend”, featuring SATEN dancers
Written by MIRO GEE / DEE; produced by MIRO GEE;
Video producers: MOLLOV PICTURES/2AM; Associated producer YULIANA MANOLOVA, for ALFIANI;
Video concept, shot, directed and edited by ALEXANDER MOLLOV;

Thanks to Alexander Mollov, Galia, Snejana, Simona (Saten), Angela Angelova, Azer, Andrey Kozarev – Smokey, Peter Rujgev, Alexander Krastev, Victoria SPA