2AM is a production house, music publisher (Musicautor) and indie record label established in 2005 by award-winning producer Miro Gechev, who back then was already known for his hits for many Bulgarian artists. (Rushi Vidinliev – “Ti Beshe”; AVA – “Oshte Viarvam V Teb”; Neti – “Liatno vreme”;  – to name a few) 2AM’s first success as a record label and a music publisher came in September 2006 with “Make Me High” by Star Tattooed feat. AVA. Once released by Airplay Records/Universal France, CD single reached Top 30 in the official French sales chart. It was released also in Scandinavia (Top 7 Iceland) as well as Israel, Russia (Top 100 airplay for 2006) and Spain. Later,  the project was awarded at MMTV’s Annual Music Awards for “Viewers Choice Hit for 2006″.

In 2013, the label moved to London. 2AM’s records are published mainly in Europe. Nevertheless, they are placed on best-selling compilations and released on CD Singles and vinyls by labels all around the world. Among the line up of companies one may note Airplay Records/Universal France (now Futurepl@y, label of Universal Strategic Marketing France), Vale Music/Universal Spain, Gulliver Music Publishing (Israel), Wagram, Warner France, EMI France, EMI. Switzerland, NMC Israel, Star Music Russia and many more. The Label’s musical success, chart positions, airplay results and sales are an indication for our dedication and passion for music. Thus, 2AM was approached to create hours of hit production for clients such as the Bulgarian National Television, Mobiltel (in a collaboration with DDB Sofia), Globul (in a collaboration with Kazak), Stereo Room, Seven Eight, Mollov Pictures, MMTV, Virginia Records/Universal (2AM accomplished full album production and A&R for the winner in the first Bulgarian season of “Music Idol” in 2008).

Awards and nominations:

“Best composer 2005″ BG Radio – Miro Gechev (won)
“Viewers hit choice for 2006″ MMTV annual music awards – “Star Tattooed feat. AVA – Make Me High” (won)
“Bulgarian Hit for 2006″ MAD Video Music Awards 2007, Greece – “Star Tattooed feat. AVA – Make Me High” (nomination)
“Best various arts” IKAR Academy Awards – “Miro Gee pres. Angelique Cinelu – Very Very Hot” (nomination)
“TV, cine commercials and other forms” FARA 2010 – “M-Tel Prima 4 Kids” in a collaboration with DDB Sofia (won 3d place)

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