The Bulgarian sensation Nelly Petkova is well-known with her appearance at Slavi’s Show. The news about her leaving the show came out together with the single “Lucky One”, which is produced by Miro Gee. She is now about to climb all the Bulgarian charts with “Lucky One” and we hope in her international success!

Music video of NELLY PETKOVA featuring MIRO GEE, performing “LUCKY ONE”;
Written by Miro Gee / Jenny Djambazova; Produced by Miro Gee;
Recorded and mixed by Miro Gee (BULGARIA); Mastered by Don Grossinger (USA)
(p) 2010 2AM (Musicautor)
© 2011 2AM

Video directed and edited by Tanya Kazakova; Screenplay by Tanya Kazakova; Director of photography: Vladimir Mihaylov; Assistant director: Georgi Zdravkov; Photographer: Simon Varsano; Styling: Margarita Anastasova, Knapp, Georgi Petkov, Blagovesta Markova, Gergana Maystorova