Enjoy the latest banger by French DJ/producer Yohanne Simon featuring Nyree (a.k.a. Ruth Koleva). Yohanne is already known with his incredible talent for club music. Some of his projects are Starlighters, Jam Deluxe and Facha Digital. “Scream My Name” is another French – Bulgarian connection that gives incredible result! The tune is written in a collaboration between Yohanne Simon and Miro Gechev and recorded in 2AM.

Nyree is recognized by the Bulgarian audience as Ruth Koleva. She became widely popular with her appearance as contestant on Music Idol, season 2. Ruth is now signed to Bulgarian label Vitality Music, whose are producers of the music video made shot in Sofia too.

Logo design: Star Tattooed by Petya Savova

After several years of evolution the Bulgarian project STAR TATTOOED synchronized their music to visual. The main idea was to create a logo for the group assembling their work into a Trademark. Consequently they called one of the most creative graphic designer and illustrator Petya Savova to compose it. Getting her dynamic quick start  into the designer career in “ fashion design  high school (with the debut and show awards at the Edit Paff Haute Couture Festival), master degrees in animation and in graphic design, and post-graduate graphic design studies in Oslo. A young mind, Petya sees her life as brainstorming and her style is suitably impulsive and patchy and teeming with experiment. She draws subliminally, to let out feelings. In such a manner she works quickly and copiously, rarely for more than a couple of nights on a single image. Believer as nature, professional and evolving, she implement her imagination into much more than a success!


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